Why should early stage startups invest in their brand?

Branding supports internal management.

— Forces management to articulate, plan, and manage the goals of the organization.
— Provides an honest, charismatic, and executable identity to unify a company’s purpose.
— Creates a channel for expressing a company’s core values, business methods, and company mission.
— Forces research into audience.  Encourages a focused company, product, and communications strategy.

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Mountaineering, Communities, and Brand Strategy (sorta)

This coming mountaineering season, I have three trips planned: my second ascent up Mt. Shasta, a trip to summit Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood, and, if all goes well, a late summer climb up Mt. Rainier.  Rainier is home to 26 glaciers making it the most glaciated peak in the lower 48 states, and has more prominence—the vertical distance from the peak to the surrounding area—than K2, the second highest mountain in the world.  I am very excited.  At the same time, however, these sorts of trips are so out of character for me, I cannot believe my gear is already spread out over half my floorspace.

Mt. Shasta Summit
Me and my climbing team on the top of Mt. Shasta. May, 2012.

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